2014 was great for Dirty Laundry, and we owe it all to the amazing artists we’ve worked with this year. A major thank you goes out to everyone who contributed, shared, and subscribed — we couldn’t do it without you. It was difficult for us to narrow down our favorite articles from 2014, but alas, here they are. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for big things to come in the new year.

The Music Room

“The crazy thought occurred to me that perhaps, I can trace my style to a single image. Of course the totality of my influences doesn’t come from one single image, but maybe, one painting, more than any other, made such a strong impression on me, that it has influenced the very look of my art.”

Lisa Congdon

“It was as if I snuck into a party I wasn’t invited to, and I thought that eventually I’d be caught and kicked out for not having any real talent.”

Seeking Freedom in the Modern Age

“It’s a palpable sense of awe and wonder, but it’s also a pang of loneliness…it is the sense of knowing what you are seeing in that exact moment will never ever happen again no matter what.”

Horror Vacui

“It was a house with “good bones,” as my dad had remarked when we bought it. I love that phrase. My house had a skeleton and a heart and skin. Like all old houses, it was in its own way, alive.”

Sort the Recyclables

“People in the south don’t talk about slavery, or admit your family had them, much less write a book about it. She added, “we’re all related anyway,” which was nice to hear.”

Alex Lukas

“I’ve been making zines for years and I love both the challenges of making something that is distributable as well as the idea that a print can (and should) be considered as an original work…”